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Dear parents, now law enforcement agencies have identified several types of frauds!

1. "Well-wishers" ring to the parents of children it is said that would like to do eleemosynary payment on the map of parent. Thus suggest to suit together with a map to the terminal of self-service of приват bank, dictate what buttons it is needed to press inserting the map ( allegedly for the transfer of funds ) in boxing, and actually money from the map of parent pass to the accounts of swindlers!!! On the same chart cheat the people of placing announcing sale in newspapers and on web-sites. Instead of that to get from a potential customer money for a commodity, salespeople part with the money!!! 2. And it is similarly rung parents pseudo "employees of приват bank" and report about the transfer of funds, that allegedly does not can not how to get to the sick child, questioning numbers, series and pin-code!!! code of map of parent. Unfortunately from such frauds the parents of that suffered we know personally . Be vigilant and attentive. With kind regards Fund of Kind People.

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